The AlgoWorld special cards

  • May 23, 2021
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Six special AlgoWorld cards have been created to reward the best AlgoWorld holders.

These cards represent the five continents and the World.

  1. Africa

  2. America

  3. Asia

  4. Europe

  5. Oceania

  6. The World

Each one of this card is unique and has a diamond border. These cards can be viewed and traded on

Criteria to obtain the special cards

These special cards were free and given to the first owner reaching the criteria to obtain it :

  1. For the 5 continent : the first one to have 20 different countries of the continent won the corresponding card, except for Oceania for which 10 different countries were needed (Oceania only has 14 countries).

  2. For the World : the first one to have 60 different countries won the card of The World.

All the cards were won in a few days!