Tradeable NFT cards representing countries and cities around the world. Built on Algorand Blockchain.

🎴 About

AlgoWorld is a collection of NFT trading cards representing countries and cities around the globe. The project takes advantage of Algorand’s low fees and fast transactions to encourage trades between card owners. The platforms and features provided under AlgoWorld on Github are all open source and available under MIT and GPL 3.0 licenses.

More than 200 countries as 1500+ unique NFT cards πŸ—Ί

Each represented by a series of unique NFT cards. Between 2 and 29 cards for each country.

We value and incentivize our community πŸ’°

Owners of AlgoWorld cards receive every week a utility token called AlgoWorld Token. Currently, you can spend it on minting AlgoWorld City cards or trade it on our AWT|Algo pool on Tinyman. Some games are organized in Discord and Telegram groups to win more AWT!

Build your own city πŸ™οΈ

Spend your AWT tokens to build an AlgoWorld City card! You can also provide your image asset to shape how the resulting city NFT will look like!

Special and collaboration NFTs πŸ’Ž

Aside from classic country card series and city cards, we constantly introduce special series cards to further engage with our community! Lastly, we endorse other projects in the Algorand community by minting collaboration NFT cards.

Over 3000 community members πŸ€—

A growing community of Algorand blockchain enthusiasts and NFT card traders! We are available on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord and growing daily!

AlgoWorldExplorer πŸ€–

NFT card explorer and card trading platform explicitly designed and optimized for AlgoWorld NFTs. Relies on Algorand Smart Contracts and supports WalletConnect, AlgoSigner, and MyAlgo Wallet!

πŸ“” Blog

Build an AlgoWorld

  • May 2, 2023
  • read

AlgoWorld keeps delivering! Build an AlgoWorld and get rewards! This feature will be released in testnet version on the AlgoWorldExplorer in May 2023.

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AlgoWorld City Packs

  • January 15, 2022
  • read

City packs are now available on the AlgoWorldExplorer! These packs are formed of 5 random city cards and can be purchased by using an Algorand smart contract.

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πŸ–₯ Community Projects & Collabs


AlgoWorld is excited to announce a new AlgoWorld Special Card, designed and minted in collaboration with MetaPunks.

Cosmic Champs

AlgoWorld is excited to announce a new AlgoWorld Special Card, designed and minted in collaboration with Cosmic Champs.


AlgoWorld is excited to announce a new AlgoWorld Special Card, designed and minted in collaboration with Algorand and Decipher convention.

ℹ️ FAQ

How can I purchase some cards?

You can purchase City packs from the AlgoWorldExplorer website:

How does it work? Do I need an Algorand wallet?

The answer is yes, you need an Algorand wallet! The Algorand wallet app on the App Store and Android is perfect for that.

I finally got some cards! How do I see them? You can browse the AlgoWorld cards on And you can also see your AlgoWorld cards in Rand Gallery

✨ Team

  • Matt (@mattalgoworld) - Project Manager in the aerospace industry based in France, creator of AlgoWorld. Originally discovered Algorand in early 2021. Since then he created the AlgoWorld project in April 2021, with the idea that the high speed and low transaction cost powered by Algorand’s Layer 1 capabilities would be a perfect infrastructure for creating a collectable cards game.

  • Al (@millionalgos) - Software Engineer based in Czechia, co-creator of AlgoWorld, creator of AlgoWorldExplorer and AlgoWorld Swapper. Discovered Algorand in early 2021. Initially joined AlgoWorld as a community member and later became a crucial part of the team by building an ecosystem of open source tools to expand on Matt’s original idea. Maintains a podcast on Algorand blockchain development.

βœ‰οΈ Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out to the email below for inquiries regarding the project and collaboration proposals πŸ™‚