Unique tradeable NFT cards for the 193 United Nations countries in the world. Build on Algorand Blockchain.

🎴 About

AlgoWorld is a series of 1500 digital trading cards representing the 193 countries around the globe. Each country has between 3 and 29 cards issued based on its population density. 6 Special cards representing the 5 continents and the World have been added to the collection, making it to 1506 cards in total. The project takes advantage of Algorand’s low fees and fast transactions to encourage trades between card owners.

Every card is an NFT on the Algorand blockchain, which is a distinct ASA (Algorand Standard Asset) of 1 unit. It is easy to add these assets to any Algorand wallet and keep it, trade it or sell it. Everybody has a special connection with one or several countries. Thus, AlgoWorld is a fun way to introduce NFTs and discover how they work on Algorand.

New AlgoWorld Cities cards are created based on community contributions! These Cities cards are minted thanks to the AlgoWorld Token, distributed each month as a reward to AlgoWorld cards owners. It will soon be possible to make swaps between AWT with Algo.

All AlgoWorld cards are available for browsing at AlgoWorldExplorer. This website also provides the possibility to buy and sell your country cards, based on Algorand Layer-1 Smart Contracts. It is also possible to see your NFT collection including AlgoWorld cards in Rand Gallery

Check the article about AlgoWorld on the Algorand Developer Portal or our blog to learn more.

193 countries as 1500 unique NFT cards 🗺

Each represented by a series of unique NFT cards. Between 3 and 29 cards for each country.

Special and collaboration NFTs 💎

Aside from classic country card series and city cards, we constantly introduce special series cards to further engage with our community! Lastly, we endorse other projects in the Algorand community by minting collaboration NFT cards.

We value and incentivize our community 🪙

Owners of AlgoWorld NFTs receive a monthly utility token called AlgoWorld Token. Currently, you can spend it on minting AlgoWorld City cards or trade it on our AWT|USDC pool on Tinyman.

Build your own city 🏙️

Spend your AWT tokens to build an AlgoWorld City card! You can also provide your image asset to shape how the resulting city NFT will look like!

Over 3000 community members 🤗

A growing community of Algorand blockchain enthusiasts and NFT card traders! We are available on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord and growing daily!

AlgoWorldExplorer 🤖

NFT card explorer and card trading platform explicitly designed and optimized for AlgoWorld NFTs. Relies on Algorand Smart Contracts and supports WalletConnect, AlgoSigner, and MyAlgo Wallet!

📔 Blog

Tinyman Liquidity Pool

  • October 11, 2021
  • read

AlgoWorld is excited to announce the launch of the official AlgoWorld Token liquidity pool on Tinyman for AWT/USDC pair!

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Algorand Wallet Support

  • September 17, 2021
  • read

Only Algorand Wallet v4.10.2 and higher are supported. Ensure that you have the latest version of the wallet app or version higher than or equal to 4.

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🖥 Community Projects & Collabs


AlgoRealm is an Algorand blockchain based game, created by @cusma and aims to demonstrate mechanisms of NFTs with royalties on Layer-1.

AlgoWorldExplorer v1

AlgoWorldExplorer v1 was a community backed explorer and trading platform for AlgoWorld cards created by @millionalgosfather.

ℹ️ FAQ

How can I purchase some cards?

All available AlgoWorld cards have been sold. You have several options to get cards :

How does it work? Do I need an Algorand wallet?

The answer is yes, you need an Algorand wallet! The Algorand wallet app on the App Store and Android is perfect for that. Once you have a wallet, all you need is to “add an asset” in it. Then, you look for the AlgoWorld card ID that you have to add. It will show the asset with 0 unit. You’ll get 1 unit after receiving the card.

I finally got some cards! How do I see them?

You can browse the AlgoWorld cards on And you can also see your AlgoWorld cards in Rand Gallery

✉️ Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out to the email below for inquiries regarding the project and collaboration proposals 🙂