Build an AlgoWorld

  • May 2, 2023
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AlgoWorld keeps delivering! Build an AlgoWorld and get rewards!

This feature will be released in testnet version on the AlgoWorldExplorer in May 2023.

Use your AlgoWorld Tokens to shape a common map according to your wishes! How cool is it to be able to build a new world? And beyond that, the best builders will get daily rewards! Will you be able to defend your buildings and be among the rewarded builders?

A map of 36 tiles

The map is formed of 36 tiles. Each tile is an ARC-69 NFT. Building on a tile means changing its NFT traits, which will be displayed on the map. You can build the following constructions:

  • Meadow
  • Forest
  • Water
  • House
  • Castle

The building cost depends on the tile. It varies between 100 AWT and 1000 AWT.

The benefits of owning a tile

The owner of a tile (i.e. corresponding NFT) gets 50% of each construction fee paid to build on his tile. So by owning the NFT of a tile, you get AWT whenever someone builds on it. That’s also a way to pay cheaper for your construction if you build on a tile that you own.

The other half of the construction fees goes to the AlgoWorld build manager wallet.

The tiles will be for sale shortly after the release of the mainnet version. More details coming soon!

Rewards and strategy

Every builder owning a House or a Castle gets a fraction of the 1000 AWT rewards sent every day. A Castle earns twice as much as a House. Building Meadow, Forest, or Water also earns a bonus (we’ll let you find out how it works to get the bonus!). To maximize your rewards, you must own a House or a Castle, get the bonus, and delete the Houses or Castles built by the other players. A good way to secure your buildings is to build them on expensive tiles!

How does it work?

In order to build in the AlgoWorld, you just have to go to the “Build an AlgoWorld” page on the Explorer. After connecting your wallet, click on a tile to select your building and send the transaction. Please note that the ARC-69 NFTs are updated every 2 hours. In the meantime, your building is displayed with a little clock on the top left of the tile. It means that your transaction is pending and that the tile will be updated soon.

Note that you can use the sliders to see the tiles that you own and where you built a building.

We hope that you’ll enjoy building in the AlgoWorld!