AlgoWorld City Packs

  • January 15, 2022
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City packs are now available on the AlgoWorldExplorer!

These packs are formed of 5 random city cards and can be purchased by using an Algorand smart contract.

For each city minted, 40 to 50 cards are kept aside and used to create these city packs.

Because the pack’s content is purely random, there can be duplicates for the same city.

The packs will be regularly released in batches, with a release date announced beforehand in the community chats.

The packs from the first drop cost 10 Algos for 5 city cards. Price may vary for the next drops.

A dedicated category was created on the Explorer to display available and purchased packs. Just click on “City features” > “City packs”

Will you draw the capital?

Each city can be upgraded and earn more AWT each week. As a reminder, here is the table of rewards according to the city rank:

City status Distribution amount
Regular city 1 AWT/card/week
Bronze city 2 AWT/card/week
Silver city 3 AWT/card/week
Gold city 4 AWT/card/week
Platinum city 5 AWT/card/week
Diamond city 6 AWT/card/week
Capital city 10 AWT/card/week

Thus, random packs are a good way to draw high-ranked cities and accumulate more AWT!