AlgoWorld and AlgoRealm special NFT

  • September 5, 2021
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AlgoWorld is excited to announce our first-ever collaboration series NFT with AlgoRealm project! AlgoRealm is created by @cusma and aims to demonstrate mechanisms of NFTs with royalties on Layer-1.

A special AlgoWorld NFT card is minted on chain and securely stored in an enchanted coffer.

Only the generous heart of the Great Majesty of Algorand will ever be able to break the spell, claim the unique Special Card and trade it!.

The AlgoRealm Card can be claimed starting from block 16,250,000: hold strong both the Crown of Entropy and the Sceptre of Proof and keep the throne until there!


Interactions with AlgoRealm project assumes a user audience experienced with Algorand blockchain development! Support for the general audience will be introduced in later implementation cycles…

What is AlgoRealm?

  • AlgoRealm is a Layer-1 game in which players claim the NFTs of Algorand’s Majesties donating a royalty to the Algorand Rewards Pool.
  • To ascend to the throne and become part of the AlgoRealm’s Dynasty forever, players must donate more than the current Majesties.
  • ALGOs into the Rewards Pool are automatically distributed to every ALGO owner by PPoS protocol, for each new block.
  • Donating to the Rewards Pool means that AlgoRealm NFTs’ royalties are collected proportionally by the whole Algorand ecosystem.
  • The more generous the donation, the harder it is to be dethroned.

Only generous hearts will rule over the Algorand Realm!

Can I trade the card on AlgoWorldExplorer?

No, AlgoWorldExplorer isn’t going to support AlgoRealm NFT trading. However, support can be added in future after carefully evaluating integration options with AlgoWorld’s smart contracts. Stay tuned!

Detailed instructions on AlgoRealm

Refer to the following repository for detailed game instructions and source code of AlgoRealm project:


  1. AlgoRealm creator
  2. Official AlgoRealm Twitter
  3. Official AlgoRealm channel