AlgoWorld Token and AlgoWorld Cities

  • June 9, 2021
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After the release of all AlgoWorld cards, this is not the end of the story!

The AlgoWorld Token has been minted and allows expanding AlgoWorld to another level.

The AlgoWorld Token (AWT)

The AlgoWorld Token is the brand new token of AlgoWorld. It has 10,000,000 total supply and is distributed each month to reward AlgoWorld cards owners, according to the following rules:

  1. Regular card : 10 AWT / month

  2. Diamond card : 50 AWT / month

  3. Continent card : 250 AWT / month

  4. The World card : 500 AWT / month

  5. Special Cards from collaboration with projects or events : 100 AWT / month

For instance, someone having 5 regular cards and 1 diamond receives 100 AWT each month.

There are frequent giveaways and this token is also available on Tinyman, with a AWT/USDC liquidity pool.

AlgoWorld Cities

The AWT is used to build AlgoWorld Cities. For 3000 AWT, it is possible to build the real city of your choice in one of your AlgoWorld countries.

Someone having an AlgoWorld card of France could build Paris for instance. But a city can be built only once : first come, first served!

The city card is then minted and designed from a photo chosen by the builder. It has to respect some rules and be validated by the AlgoWorld team (good image resolution, beautiful landscape, image free of right, etc.).

Each city is a 100 units card. The builder receives 50 units of this brand new card. The diamond holder of the country gets 5 units. The other 45 units are reserved for future packs sales by AlgoWorld.

The 3000 AWT payed for building a city are removed from circulation. In consequence, it will not be possible to build more than around 3000 AlgoWorld Cities.

It is necessary to have the AlgoWorld card of the country where the city is located at the booking date AND the minting date of the city.

This brand new feature of AlgoWorld adds a lot of fun and offers you the occasion to build your favorite cities in the world, with an image of your choice!