AlgoWorld City Rank

  • December 18, 2021
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A new exciting feature has been added to AlgoWorld Cities!

You can now use your AlgoWorld Tokens to increase cities' influence, make them climb to the top of the leaderboard, and earn more AWT monthly. And the city with the biggest influence will be named AlgoWorld Capital! But beware, another contender city could claim this title.

Increase your city influence

To increase your city influence, you have to go on a city page on the AlgoWorldExplorer and click on Increase Influence. It will allow you to send AWT to increase this city’s influence. 1 AWT = 1 influence point. The AWT is then sent to the manager account, and the influence is added to the city via an Algorand ASA configuration transaction containing the note field that conforms to ARC69.

Please allow up to 15 minutes for your deposit to trigger an asset configuration transaction to refresh the ARC69 traits on the city card. On the other hand, the changes on the platform are reflected instantly.

All AWT sent to increase influence are removed from circulating supply, like the AWT used for city building.

The city rank depends on its influence :

AWT Amount City status
0-99 Regular city
100-499 Bronze city
500-999 Silver city
1000-1999 Gold city
2000-2999 Platinum city
3000 - ∞ Diamond city

Keep in mind, the city with the biggest influence is the AlgoWorld Capital.

If there are 2 Diamond cities with identical amount of AWT, then the capital is elected based on the time stamp of deposits, the ASA who reached that status first is the capital city.

Influence and city rank can be viewed on the AlgoWorld Explorer, but also on any website supporting ARC69 standard, like RandGallery or NFTExplorer.

Earn more AWT monthly

The monthly rewards depend on the city rank. So apart from having cool traits embedded into the metadata of your cities, you can earn more AWT thanks to it! Here is the table of rewards:

City status Distribution amount
Regular city 1 AWT/card/week
Bronze city 2 AWT/card/week
Silver city 3 AWT/card/week
Gold city 4 AWT/card/week
Platinum city 5 AWT/card/week
Diamond city 6 AWT/card/week
Capital city 10 AWT/card/week

Investing in your cities is the best way to grow your AWT bag! And who knows, maybe you’ll be able to grab some Capital cards in upcoming random city packs?