Official Discord Server

  • October 13, 2021
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AlgoWorld is happy to announce the creation of a new Discord group dedicated to the project.

It comes in addition to the Telegram chat that will still be open for any AlgoWorld related talks. Nevertheless, the growth of the AlgoWorld project and community revealed the need for a more structured place to welcome various conversations.

The Discord group has different text channels dedicated to the following subjects:

  1. General chat
  2. Charity auctions
  3. AlgoWorld Explorer
  4. AlgoWorld Token
  5. Relics and Temple game
  6. Giveaways
  7. AlgoWorld cards swap offers
  8. Brainstorming on new ideas to help to improve AlgoWorld experience
  9. Channels dedicated to new cities minting

Having different channels will help members having consistent conversations on each subject. Furthermore, public channels dedicated to city building will allow members to join forces and gather the 3,000 AWT needed more quickly.

Additional discord features like voice chats are also going to improve the community experience.

Join us now with the following link!