Tinyman Liquidity Pool

  • October 11, 2021
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AlgoWorld is excited to announce the launch of the official AlgoWorld Token liquidity pool on Tinyman for AWT/USDC pair! To get familiar with incentives and methods to contribute to the pool in the following blog and pool details slides.

The pool has been live on MainNet since October 9th, 2021. Additionally, today we are launching a Tinyman integration on AlgoWorldExplorer. The integration allows users to quickly glimpse the current AWT price for 1 AWT in USDC (fetched from the Tinyman pool). Additionally, it will enable you to jump to a specific pool page on Tinyman quickly. AlgoWorld will add more statistics and graphs displaying market price dynamics later as well!

Tinyman integration on AlgoWorldExplorer provided “as-is”. Getting familiar with Tinyman documentation is a necessary prerequisite, trade at your own risk!

This marks another milestone achievement following the AlgoWorld Roadmap. Stay tuned for next batch of updates concerning support to purchase city packs from AlgoWorldExplorer!

How does it work?

The integration on AlgoWorldExplorer references the Tinyman webpage of the AWT/USDC pool via iframe tag. As the Tinyman team expands the integration customization options, AlgoWorld will keep the integration as minimalistic and convenient as possible. The integration aims to let AlgoWorldExplorer provide a centralized user experience for everything concerning the AlgoWorld project.

Known limitations

Due to the nature of the integration via iframe:

  • It is not possible to use AlgoSigner when connecting the wallet to Tinyman from AlgoWorldExplorer integration
  • Connect to a Wallet button has to be pressed twice. Firstly on AlgoWorldExplorer, secondly within the iframe bounds of Tinyman webpage integration. AlgoWorld will improve this experience in future iterations